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How to protect yourself Online.

Securing ones self on the internet is one of the important thing we must take very serious, failure to do so would be very dangerous both to your system and your files.
Importance of Internet Security
There is great need to securing oneself on the net because there is a lot to loss if one is careless about it..
let take a look at little out of the many dangers involved.

  • Data Theft
  • Data Theft is another issue that needs to be dealt with, as this could lead to leakage of vital and personal information like videos, documents, photos and lots more. This informations could be sold, used for malicious act. Companies are at risk of losing vital informations if they are not well protected, Individuals also are prone to data theft.
  • Computer Damage
  • Proper maintenance of your system's security helps keeps your system from damage. Some hackers are interested in hijacking your system and causing damage to your system rather than infecting your computer with virus, Trojans, and malicious softwares.
  • Identity Theft
  • Unprotected computer can have it data stolen. Important informations like credit card information, personal information even social security can be stolen and used without your knowledge which would be really bad as it could be usee for any malicious act.

Ways by which we can protect ourselves online

  1. Create a very strong and tricky password
  2. Your password to every sites needs to be sensitive and tricky (but not to the point of forgetting it). Create a password, not to long but very easy to remember for you. Let your password contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and characters.
  3. Use Emails Wisely
  4. E-mail is not encrypted, therefore when it is intercepted by a third party, viral informations could be read and misused.
  5. Watchout for Phishing websites
  6. It is not everylink that should be clicked expecially when you cant get the main link. Hackers make use of links in other to get acces to vital informations from your browser (example: Cookies), which can be used for malicious act.
  7. Protect your Computer and Browser
  8. This is the main important ones, not done right could lead to loss of many information. Protecting Computers and browser can be achieved by installing up-to-date Antivirus software, whether you are a Mac or Pc, always make sure you are updated with latest version of Antivirus and browsers.
  9. Surf the internet to a limit
  10. This is one of the best way of protecting oneself on the internet. Surfing the internet is something one do in the search for vital news, update, shopping and lots more, doing this one needs to be very careful in the choice of links and website to visit. Visiting the wrong website could lead to loss of important informations, subscribing for unwanted messages.

Surfing the net is a great thing to do but always stay safe while doing so.

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