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Pushearn : How to earn extra cash on your blog

Money is the main goal in everything one does, this popular saying is true to every hustle both offline and online. This is why am bringing to the notice of all bloggers the latest means of earning extra cash every week, pushearn.

Pushearn is a push notification adverting program which allows worldwide publishers to earn extra cash on their platform with an innovative ad format.

Push Notification advert is a new way to monetize your blog without giving out adspace, meaning these ads does no occupy any space on your site as they are brought as notifications to your readers.
I know a lot of you would be thinking What is push notification, no worries, i also had to do some research before i got the meaning, so for you my readers i would be explaining

What is Push Notification

Push notification is simply the yes or no type of notification, these are the notification you get when you visit a website usually at the top of the webpage urging you to take a action either to subscribe to recieving latest update of the blog, latest promo codes e.t.c

Push notification advertisement is a new engaging means of adverting which is triggered only if your visitors allows it (worry not about auto subscribing as it could make you loss readers) and does not take up any adspace.

Putting the ads code on your website, it start asking reader to allows for push notificaions, once allowed he/she becomes your subscriber and the ads company starts send push notification per day (One or two will be sent so you don't need to worry abou lossing readers due to excessive notifications).

Once a reader subscribes, you earn for live, you don't need to show advert again and again. No need for adspace(usd it for other ads) and still get paid, unless the reader unsubscribes.

Lets go back to our PushEarn Review as i believe you have gotten the concept of push notification.

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Pushearn Review

Pushearn is a global ad network, so you can monetize worldwide traffic with them as they are not limited. Their code works on all browser and device, so you are not to worry about it, just insert their code and work on getting more traffics as they don't occupy adspace. They accept all website except for adult, alcohol, drug and gambling related websites.

The more subscriber you get, the money extra cash you earn.

Why should you join Pushearn

There are tons of reason to join this adverting company aside from making extra cash. these are:

No worries about traffic:

One thing common about all adverting companies is that, earnings depends on your daily traffic, Push notification is different from them, they don't require you to show adverts on your website. Subscribers you get today earns you money for ever different from other advertising companies which deals with your clicks for today works for only today.

less i forget, if you run a low traffic website, these ads is for you, those 50 visitors you got today if they should subscribe, you got 50 subscribers, another 40 visitors turn subscribers tomorrow makes all 90subscribers which enables you to earn every week. I you run a robost traffic site, i don't have to tell you sweetness of it.

Its an Innovative Ad Format:

Push notification is an innovative ad format as user tends to get ignorant of banner ads, gets annoyed at pop up ads, push notification gets them subscribed without really noticing it.

Easy Sign up / Approval:

As mention above, Pushearn is a global company, they accept all niche and website easily, if you have a user-friendly site then getting approval for it would be easy. They do have some traffic requirements but if you have a good website then you will get approval.

To signup on this network, you just need to fill in a short signup form and submit it. After that you get an activation link sent to you, after ativated , you get instant access to your account where you need to submit your website for approval. Once they review your website and approve it, you can put their ad code on your website and start earning money by building subscribers list.

Low Minimuim Payout:

Everyone love withdrawung their funds as quickly as they could, i guess this is what was considered as they made their minimuim payout as $20 (those who would prefer paypal tho).

Three Payout options are provided to withdraw your earnings,
Paypal ($20 minimuim withdrawal)
Bitcoin withdrawal ($100 minimuim withdrawal)
Paynoor ($200 minimuim withdrawal)

How much can you earn:

 Your earnings depends totally on subscribers you've got and depends on how much your visitors view / click on push notification. Rates are set by their advertisers.

Fast Payment:

Everyone loves fast payment expecially if you could use it for the weekend, therefore pushearn does their payout every weekends, on saturday to be precise.

Referral Program:

If you believe you can earn some extra money by referring new publishers to PushEarn then this network doesn’t disappoints you. PushEarn offers a great 10% referral program for publishers, meaning whatever your friend earns you get 10% of it, so, if you have publisher friends then you can refer them to join this network to earn some extra bucks.

Support Team

PushEarn provides a dedicated support to publishers via Skype and email, so, if you need their help anytime just contact them and you will get a quick reply.

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Pushearn is an advertising platform which uses the push notification method, no need for ads-Space as the would be adverting through notifications from your site, they also have convenient and fast payment method, easy site approval and great support team.


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