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How to build quality backlinks

Backlink building, one of the most needed but ignored part of blogging. Backlink building is essential as its also a factor used for ranking on the Google Search Engine Result Pages ( S.E.R.Ps), some bloggers even believe Backlink building is SEO but I would say IT IS A NEEDED PART OF BLOGGING.

I know you will be like Oga leave story for the god's and tell me the koko, well without much story


Backlink can be said as the linking back to your blog from other people blogs.

That in simply text means if I should link to your site from mine, google would count it as one backlinks,  the more backlinks you have, the easier it would help in ranking on S.E.R.Ps, as said earlier, its part of SEO.

Terms used in backlink

Link Juice :

When a webpage links back to a site, it passes a link juice which is essential to the ranking of the blog, improve in the domain authority. As a blogger,  you can stop passing link juice by using the "No-Follow tag".

Do-Follow :

All links added to a blog post is a do-follow link by default and they pass link juice.

No-Follow :

When a link has the no-follow  tag, it passes no link juice, meaning it adds no value to the ranking of your blog. No-Follow tags are used when you are linking to unreliable website.

Root Domain linking :

This refers the number of links coming into your site from a particular site, no matter the number of times, it would always be counted as ONE BACKLINK.

Low Quality Links :

These kind of link does more harm than good as they are links that come from porn sites, automated sites, harvested sites and even spammed sites. This is why you have to be careful when buying backlinks.

Internal Linking :

linking from one page to another on a particular domain is called internal linking, this is also a good practice as it helps in reducing the sites bounce rate. The process is called internal linking or interlinking.

Why is backlinks building needed?

Am so sure if you were asked to guess the advantages of backlinks, you would be able to mention one or two advantages of backinks, but if not, no worries as I will be listing them :

   ➡  It Improves Organic Ranking
   ➡  Referrals Traffic
   ➡  Fast Indexing

Improves Organic Ranking :

Backlinks helps in ranking well on search engine result pages.
A carefully structured content without much Backlinks can easily be out-ranked by a blog with a not well structure content but with much Backlinks.
Backlink plays a vital role in ranking as it is also a factor for ranking!!!..

Referral Traffic:

Backlinks helps in getting referral traffic which in turn helps reduce site bounce rate.

Fast Indexing :

While search engine bots are crawling the web, sees your link (especially with link juice) this makes them follow it back to you site and makes them index it faster.
Backlink building is very important for new websites as it helps them get index and crawled faster.

How do build backlinks:

Getting backlinks is the most important thing and should be the next thing you as a blogger should do having learnt about it. Backlicks can be gotten if you follow this steps,

 ➡ Write Quality Contents
 ➡ Submit to web directories
 ➡ Start Guest Posting
 ➡ Comment On Relevant blogs
 ➡ Building Profile Links
 ➡ Link Exchanging


Write Quality Contents

 This is one of the way bloggers get internal backlinks, when you write quality  contents, people will naturally link to them. Tutorials and top 10 contents are a good way to get traffics..

Do not forget to link to your blog posts as you write.


Submit to web directories

  Submitting your domain to directories is another easy way to get backlinks  but getting good web directories is not an easy task. You must avoid those that ask you to link to their sit before you submit your blog URL.


Guest Posting

   Guest posting is when you write contents on another person's blog, leaving link to your site.
Its a easy way to get backlinks, so start guest posting on blogs within your niche.


Commenting on blogs

 This has to do with you leaving useful comments on blogs within your niche, in the comment section you would be asked for your blog URL, avoid comments like "OK, admin thank you" etc and also avoid writing "commenting from ..." But you can link back to your blog post which is relevant to the discussed article.


Building Profile links

Profile Links, this is when you put your site link on your created profile on other website, examples of websites that allows for this feature is, they give quality do-follow links and trust me this is what we are looking for, other examples are mainly forums, notice when registering for forums, there is always a place for your site name, gbam there you input your site link.


Link Exchanging

This is simply when you ask your friends for exchange of links ( he links back to your site while you also link back to his site ), everyone gets a backlink so its a win win for all.


Backlink is a essential part of blogging, it paves way for ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (S.E.R.Ps). Backlink coupled with great Seo practice makes one assured of ranking..

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